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Hobo Radio 334 – Plumpy

Love Actually has become a holiday classic, but Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle can't help but be troubled by many of it's plotlines. For Murphy, it's the crazy notion that Natalie is fat. For Periwinkle, it's the constant America bashing. The duo also discuss the hacks surrounding

Hobo Radio 333 – Let them eat cookies

Way back in 2009, Joel Murphy launched into an epic tirade about the Girl Scouts and their cookie-hoarding tactics. Five long years later, the Girl Scouts have finally caved to his demands, announcing they will be selling cookies on their website. Murphy and Lars Periwinkle celebrate this

Poppin’ Molly – We will never be royals

Molly Regan Sound the alarms and give up all hope of any legitimate news for the next three days: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in the U.S.A.! According to the 15 articles on the front page of Yahoo, William and Kate landed in New York

Hobo Radio 332 – Twice as butt

The first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released and, as you'd imagine, Lars Periwinkle has some thoughts on it. He and Joel Murphy break down the trailer this week. They also discuss DMX's bafflingly homoerotic lyrics, the cavalier whitewashing of Hollywood films