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Silver Linings Playback 37 – Cats

This week, Joel and Andy make the Jellicle choice to watch Tom Hooper's 2019 fever dream of bad CGI and baffling visuals, Cats, which is based on the also-baffling Broadway musical.

Hobo Radio 572 – Sea shanties and backyard wrestling

Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle look at the unexpected popularity of sea shanties on TikTok. They also talk about their own teenage years spent backyard wrestling in the SMWO. And, they share their thoughts on WandaVision.

Silver Linings Playback 36 – Wonder Woman 1984

Joel and Andy watch Wonder Woman 1984, the new superhero film that was released on HBO Max and in theaters the same day. They try to figure out where things went wrong in the follow up to one of the struggling DCEU's strongest film.

Silver Linings Playback 35 – Best movie pitches 2020

This week, instead of reviewing a film, we are sharing Joel and Andy's best movie pitches from 2020. If you are a Hollywood producer looking for a guaranteed payday, make sure to listen and then write them both a big, fat check.