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From the Vault – One on One with Chad Coleman

In 2008, we talked to Coleman about everything from being fired as a stand-in on The Cosby Show to landing the role of Cutty on The Wire. It was a very candid interview, where Coleman opened up about the struggles of being a working actor while trying

Hobo Radio 323 – Coherence’s Emily Baldoni

We recently announced that HoboTrashcan is hosting a Gathr screening of the award-winning indie film Coherence in Baltimore at the Landmark Harbor East on Oct. 23. To promote this screening, and the film itself, we talk to star Emily Baldoni.

Review – Harmontown

The question at the center of Harmontown is: who is Dan Harmon and why are his loyal fans willing to pay money to see him live on stage when he doesn’t have an act? Harmontown is a LA-based podcast hosted by Harmon, the creator of Community and

Hobo Radio 322 – Protein spill

This week Joel Murphy and Lars are joined by fellow Thunder Grunters' John Bennett and Patrick Storck, who host the popular Experts of Nothing. The group discusses bearded fisherman Superman, the origins of Experts of Nothing and rules for Disney employees.

Doctor Who – “Kill the Moon”: One small step for man

“Tell me what you knew or I’ll slap you so hard you regenerate.” - Clara Oswald Some of the best moments on Doctor Who are the philosophical debates. Often what sets the show apart is the Doctor’s compassion and patience. Many shows have a “monster of the