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Hobo Radio Interview – Jacq the Stripper

As the name would imply, the blonde bombshell Jacqueline is, indeed, a stripper. She is also a writer and a comedian who takes her experiences working in clubs across America and turns them into funny and engaging stories. Joel Murphy talks to Jacq the Stripper about how

Review – Mad Max: Fury Road

From its opening scene, Mad Max: Fury Road grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. It is apologetically unrelenting, never letting its heroes, or the audience, stop to catch their breath. The film opens with a disheveled, bearded and clearly broken Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy)

Bone and Blood – Last Days in Vietnam

Watching the PBS documentary Last Days in Vietnam caused Kim Le to reflect on her own family's last days in South Vietnam as they headed to America to start a new life.

Hobo Radio 350 – Big Vinegar

This week, Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle are back. And after catching everyone up on the last two weeks in Baltimore (which, you may have heard, have been pretty eventful), they deal with one of the city's lesser-known issues - people not knowing how to cross the

Game of Thrones – “Kill the Boy”: Grown ass man

We’re five episodes into a ten episode season and we’re finally starting to see some more significant rising action. Jon Snow has officially killed the boy within, embracing his role as a grown ass man and Commander of the Night’s Watch. Stannis is finally taking his army