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Hobo Radio 315 – Talk to Josh

This week, Joel Murphy and Lars are joined by comedian, improviser and wearer of tank tops Josh Kuderna, who hosts The Digression Sessions on Thunder Grunt. The guys discuss the Emmys, CBS' farting hippo controversy and the contestant who is suing Dating Naked for showing her naked.

Doctor Who – “Deep Breath”: Vanity trap

“You probably can’t even remember where you got that face from.” - The Doctor The central question of this week’s episode is: who is the new Doctor? Fans at home are wondering how the older, more reserved Peter Capaldi will be replacing Matt Smith. Clara is wondering

The Teachers’ Lounge – More memorable moments

When he’s not writing for HoboTrashcan or drinking himself into a gin-soaked stupor, Ned Bitters spends his days molding the minds of today’s impressionable youth. And today he once again checks in with some of his favorite moments from inside the classroom.

Hobo Radio 314 – Sweaty sweaters

Joel Murphy has created an Aladdin drinking game, which he shares with all of you this week. He and Lars also discuss the incredibly convoluted ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, break down Michael Keaton's new film Birdman and fill out another MadLibs. And they discuss their new new

Hanging Around … Doctor Who: The World Tour

As part of their seven city, five continent world tour to promote the new season, Doctor Who stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman visited New York last Thursday and we were there to cover the action.

The Leftovers – “Cairo”: A method to the madness

Well, it seems that this show is finally building toward something. Though I hoped that was the case all along, I’m glad to know that this season’s arc is about to reach its climatic reveal. It was hinted at last week with Garvey Sr. and his urgent