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Hobo Radio 318 – If you like pizza and movies

This week, Joel Murphy and Lars are joined by Baltimore artist Matt Muirhead and Gogo's Retread Threads owner Stacey Chambers, who will both be appearing at Hampdenfest this weekend. The group discusses the troubling lyrics of "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)," Matt's brief foray into Christianity and

Doctor Who – “Listen”: The deep and lovely dark

“Fear is a superpower.” - Clara I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical this episode would come together. About halfway through, when the futuristic spaceman Danny Pink doppleganger showed up in the restaurant, only to turn out to be Danny (and presumably Clara)’s great

Hobo Radio 317 – The monkeys and the bees

Joel Murphy and Lars share their thoughts on Apple's new iPhones and smart watch. They also discuss the Baltimore Comic-Con, old people sex and a new Indigogo campaign aimed at bringing back hand-drawn animation.

Doctor Who – “Robot of Sherwood”: Impossible heroes

“I’m not a hero.” - The Doctor Am I the only one who thought this felt like Doctor Who fan fiction? Or, at the very least, a bizarre team up that belonged in the Doctor Who comics, but not in the actual series. That’s not to say