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Review – Transcendence

Perhaps the only thing scarier than the thought of a sentient computer taking over the Internet and creating an army of mindless human drones is that computer being controlled by Johnny Depp. One pictures the enslaved humans in whimsical outfits with overteased hair. A Depp-controlled supercomputer is

Review – Oculus

We all loved Karen Gillan on Doctor Who, but she's ditching The Doctor and her Scottish accent for her cinematic debut.

Bacon and Legs – Mad Men munchies

This Sunday, AMC's prestige drama Mad Men begins its final season. (Well, technically, it begins the first half of the final season, with a second half coming next year.) To get you ready for the final stretch, Fontina Turner does what she does best - comes up

Justified – “Restitution”: The shape of things to come

The cartel looks to put an end to Boyd Crowder while Raylan looks to put an end to Darryl Crowe (while somehow first clearing Kendal's name). Everything comes to a head on the final episode of season five. And the show gives us a sense of what