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Hobo Radio 358 – Paul Rudd doesn’t want to be that guy

This week, Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle discuss Rudd's delightful quirkiness, his Ant-Man co-star Michael Douglas' bizarre claim for how he got cancer and Michael Peña's "breakout role." They also share their thoughts on the announced Killing Joke animated film and Judy Greer's summer of playing moms.

Review – Southpaw

If you’ve ever seen a boxing movie (or an underdog story in general), you can see every story beat coming in Southpaw from a mile away. The story feels like a lazy man’s Rocky III. It follows Billy “The Great” Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal), an undefeated championship boxer

Review – Paper Towns

The film’s title, Paper Towns, refers to a trick used by cartographers to prevent other mapmakers from copying their hard work. The cartographers would create fake towns – a.k.a. “paper towns” – so that if those faux cities popped up on someone else’s map, they’d know they

Bone and Blood – 32 hours of Artscape

Kim Le recaps her 36-hour stretch at Artscape, America's largest free arts festival, which happened this past weekend in Baltimore. America's largest free arts festival, attracting 350,000+ attendees over three days

One on One with Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland

We talked to Justin Roiland last year about season one of Rick and Morty, so with season two rapidly approaching, we caught back up with him and Dan Harmon to talk new character combinations, the trouble with clearing DMX songs and the unique experience of attending Comic-Con.