Hobo Radio – Saying goodbye to The Wire

  • Introduction
  • Discussion about The Wire
  • Closing thoughts
  • “Tick Tock” by Lance Reddick

Week 44 Spotlight: Saying goodbye to The Wire.

Brian and Joel Murphy are back with an all-new episode, which pays tribute to the best show on television, The Wire, which aired its final episode this past Sunday. After taking the time to explain what made the show so unique and so enjoyable, the Murphy brothers talk in-depth about the finale and the legacy of the show.

This week’s podcast might not be for everyone, but for fans of the critically-acclaimed HBO show, it is the proper sendoff that this groundbreaking drama deserves. Every facet of the finale is covered in this special hour long podcast.

What were Brian and Joel’s favorite moments from the final episode? What would they have changed? What’s next for David Simon and the cast? Is there any reason to keep your HBO subscription? The answers to these questions and more lie within this week’s show.

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