Hobo Radio – If you smell what Barack is cooking

  • Introduction
  • The popcorn pusher
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Politics
  • “Fine, be that way” by The Hazzards

Week 47 Spotlight: If you smell what Barack is cooking.

Last week, Brian Murphy talked about sneaking onto Richmond International Raceway to do a few laps. This week, he is mysteriously absent from the podcast, leaving his adoring fans to wonder if Richmond’s finest finally caught up with him.

In Brian’s absence, Joel Murphy calls in Hobo Radio’s resident Dan LeBatard, David “Bubby” Green, to fill his brother’s shoes. Murphy and Green tackle a wide range of subjects, including the presidential race, Bubby’s martial arts training and the new scheme movie theaters have devised to cater to lazy moviegoers.

Why won’t Hillary Clinton drop out of the democratic primary? Why is Bubby training to be the next Karate Kid? Why is Tito Ortiz dating a duck? The answers to these questions and more lie within this week’s show.

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