Hobo Radio – Feeling Lost without a co-host

  • Introduction
  • Brian’s shocking announcement
  • A spoiler warning
  • Thoughts on Lost‘s season finale
  • “Deviatory” by Apothys

Week 48 Spotlight: Feeling Lost without a co-host.

After a mysterious absence last week, Brian Murphy triumphantly returns to the podcast this week. But the Murphy brother’s joyful reunion is short-lived because Brian has a shocking announcement that will change the podcast forever.

And speaking of shocking surprises, the Murphy brothers share their opinions on the Lost season finale, offering theories on where they think the show is headed and thoughts on how to keep Lost as entertaining as it has been this past season.

What is Brian’s shocking announcement? What does Joel have against spoiler warnings? Why is Kate so good at tracking footprints in the jungle? The answers to these questions and more lie within this week’s show.

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