Hobo Headlines

We scan the top newspapers and websites to bring you all of the important news of the day. Then we convert the newspapers into hobo blankets or funny hats.

Here are today’s Hobo Headlines:

  • Obama probably chose him because he’s articulate, bright, clean and a nice-looking guy.
    Barack Obama officially announced that Senator Joe Biden from Deleware would be his running mate.
  • Just wait until The House Bunny beats Titanic‘s box office record.
    The Dark Knight fell to fourth place this weekend, only raking in $10 million, which put it in fourth place behind Tropic Thunder, The House Bunny and Death Race.
  • We can finally go back to not caring about Michael Phelps.
    The Olympics wrapped up their 16-day stint in Beijing yesterday with a lavish closing ceremony.
  • If only he could use one of those giant check to pay his mortgage.
    Ed McMahon sold his home to a private buyer instead of taking Donald Trump up on his offer to buy the property and lease it back to McMahon.
  • Teaching robots where our vital arteries are – I’m sure this won’t end in the enslavement of all mankind.
    Doctors at St. Mary’s Hospital in London carried out the first operation using a robot to repair an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

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