Hobo Headlines

We scan the top newspapers and websites to bring you all of the important news of the day. Then we convert the newspapers into hobo blankets or funny hats.

Here are today’s Hobo Headlines:

  • Perhaps he is just a method actor.
    Californication star David Duchovny has entered rehab for sex addiction. “I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction,” Duchovny said in a statement. “I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family.”
  • I bet they love lasagna and hates Mondays.
    A 35 pound male cat named Shamu was found by the Camden County Animal Shelter, the same shelter that discovered the 44 pound Prince Chunk.
  • Kate Moss then sold the statue for drug money.
    Artist Marc Quinn created a large gold statue of Kate Moss. The £1.5 million statue, which was created for the British Museum, features Moss in a yoga pose.
  • Maybe now they can start working on that cure for cancer.
    A team of scientists, led by Michael Dickinson of the California Institute of Technology, determined that a fly processes the location of someone swatting at it, creates an escape plan and moves its legs into the best position to get out of the way within approximately 100 milliseconds of spotting an attack.

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