Hobo Radio 58 – Phelps phans

Week 58 Spotlight: Phelps phans.

Michael Phelps captured America’s attention with his record-setting performance at this year’s Olympics. He will soon return home to Baltimore, where parades will be held in his honor. While most Baltimore natives are proud to call him one of their own, Lars Periwinkle is getting a little tired of all of the hype.

Lars has nothing against Phelps’ accomplishments, he is simply sick of all of the hype. But, a city like Baltimore, whose only other claims to fame are a dead poet, a pessimistic show about the drug trade and a quirky director, is ready to latch onto the Phelps phenomenon and ride it into the ground.

What will Phelps do to capitalize on his current stardom? Will Cher play Catwoman in the next Batman movie? Will Joel Murphy butcher another foreign language? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s show.

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