Hobo Headlines

We scan the top newspapers and websites to bring you all of the important news of the day. Then we convert the newspapers into hobo blankets or funny hats.

Here are today’s Hobo Headlines:

  • And her role as a beauty pageant contestant is comparable to Obama’s time in the Senate.
    Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke last night at the Republican Convention, taking shots at Barack Obama and claiming that her experience as a mayor of a small town was comparable to Obama’s work as a community organizer “except that you have actual responsibilities.” Earlier in the night, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told the crowd that Palin “already had more executive experience than the entire Democratic ticket.”
  • God needed an animator. And apparently, he also needed Don LaFontaine to do the voicework.
    Animator Bill Melendez, who also voiced Snoopy in the Peanuts cartoons, died at the age of 91. He worked on the Disney films Pinocchio and Fantasia and through his production company, he worked on 70 Peanuts TV specials, four movies and hundreds of commercials.
  • No word on whether or not Mr. Socko stuck with the WWE.
    Mick Foley announced yesterday that he did not renew his WWE contract, making him a free agent in the wrestling world. He said he has signed a short-term deal with TNA Wrestling and plans to spend more time doing film and television work, volunteering and writing his fourth wrestling memoir.
    [Via a press release issued by TheGillespieAgency.com]

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