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In his interview with HoboTrashcan this week, Neal Jones revealed that his goal as an actor has been to “be able to act a variety of roles without the audience having to be taken out of the project by thinking, ‘Oh, that’s that guy from whatever …'”

I have to say, I think Neal is achieving that goal. I watched several episodes of Generation Kill before realizing that he was the one playing Sgt. Maj. John Sixta, even though I had just seen him on Rescue Me (which I’ve been watching on DVD). Even his own castmates on Generation Kill didn’t realize that he was the one carrying watermelons with Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing.

The more I think about it, I’m beginning to wonder if Neal Jones chose the wrong profession. If he can blend so seamlessly into the characters he plays, perhaps he should be working as a spy. I mean, he’s so good at what he does, he could be across the street from you right now watching you and you’d never even know he was there.

Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

One on One with Neal Jones
While many actors seek fame and recognition, Neal Jones would be pleased if you never realized he was on your TV screen. The journeyman character actor enjoys creating unique characters and blending seamlessly into films and TV shows without having the audience realize that it’s him playing the role. Luckily, he was still willing to step out and talk with us about his work on Rescue Me, Generation Kill and Dirty Dancing.

Murphy’s Law – Boob Tube breakdown
September is the month that all four major networks unveil their new fall lineups. With so many new shows debuting all at once, it can be tough to keep track of them all. Luckily, Joel Murphy is here to tell you about all of the new shows, explaining why they suck and will inevitably be canceled.

Note to Self – The tie that Bonds
While the NFL proves time and time again that it is willing to take second and third chances on players with “character issues,” Brian Murphy can’t help but wonder why Barry Bonds is blacklisted from MLB. So to help right this injustice, Murphy has compiled a list of seven teams that could benefit from adding Bonds to their roster for the final month of the season.

Outside of the In-Crowd – Courtney throws a political/relationshipital tantrum
Courtney Enlow is certainly not a fan of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Unfortunately, her significant other seems to have no problem voting Republican this year. So what’s an opinionated left-leaning girl to do when she finds out her boyfriend is voting for McCain? In Enlow’s case, the answer is to throw a political/”relationshipital” tantrum.

Overrated – Joe DiMaggio
He’s been called The Yankee Clipper, Joltin’ Joe and even “America’s Greatest Living Ballplayer.” But, this week, Ned Bitters calls Joe DiMaggio overrated. Bitters thinks DiMaggio was a great player, he just doesn’t believe Joltin’ Joe is as great as everyone seems to think he is. Bitters believes DiMaggio’s legendary status is a result of clever P.R. and a healthy dose of bullshit.

From the Vault – No Hit Wonder – Breaking up is hard to do
This week’s From the Vault comes from Vick Viggler, an airport screener/rock star who wrote the now defunct “No Hit Wonder” column. In this September 6, 2007 column, Viggler reveals that breaking up with a band can sometimes be as difficult as breaking up with a significant other. Luckily, Viggler found a rebound band to jump in bed with.

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