Hobo Headlines

We scan the top newspapers and websites to bring you all of the important news of the day. Then we convert the newspapers into hobo blankets or funny hats.

Here are today’s Hobo Headlines:

  • The government is in charge? Now it’s really time to start stockpiling canned food and ammunition.
    The U.S. government took control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac yesterday. The government hopes to expand the pool of money available for home loans and to stop the drop in housing prices.
    [LA Times]
  • Americans love Tina Fey.
    John McCain has seen a bounce in his poll numbers after the Republican convention and he now leads Barack Obama 50% to 46%.
    [USA Today]
  • It must be the hair.
    Nicolas Cage’s Bangkok Dangerous was number one at the box office this weekend, making $7.8 million. It was the slowest box office in five years – the total weekend gross was $66 million.
    [NY Daily News]
  • Bridget Moynihan’s voodoo doll finally pays off.
    Golden Boy Tom Brady’s left knee was injured yesterday in the New England Patriots season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs. He will undergo an MRI today to determine the damage, but there is speculation the injury may be season-ending.

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