From the Vault – One on One with Mick Foley

Mick Foley

Recently, Mick Foley shocked the wrestling world by opting out of his WWE contract and signing with rival promotion TNA wrestling. While the move was certainly surprising, it wasn’t completely unexpected.

In October 2005, he had also been very close to signing with TNA wrestling, although he ultimately decided to resign with the WWE. When we asked him how close he was to heading to TNA, this was his response:

Very, very close. I think that everybody is better off with another viewing option and I really had convinced myself that the competition would bring out the best in Vince McMahon. I really felt like I’d be doing him a favor in an odd way. That argument, of course, didn’t go that well with Vince when I brought it to him. It turns out that Vince can be a little difficult to say no to. I also didn’t understand just how highly they thought of me in WWE. I was very, very close, but I always told Jeff Jarrett that I needed to make that call to Vince, and there was always a chance that he could make me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

We also talked to Foley about his second novel, Scooter, which received critical acclaim, and his visits to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. If you didn’t read the interview then,
here is your chance to read it now.

We also interviewed Mick Foley in March of 2007, so as an added bonus,
here is a link to that interview as well.

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