Comment of the Week

Today, we are trying out a new feature. Since you all have been posting some really great comments on the site, each week we are going to spotlight the best comment here. You may not win a cool prize, but you will win our respect and undying love – and really, you can’t put a price tag on that.

This week’s best comment comes from Matthew on Outside of the In-Crowd – In which I solve the economy:

    Bringing back Lilith Fair will subsequently result in an increase in strap ons and Lisa Loeb singles. With the new profit in this Loeb Economy, AIG will be up and running within no time, and Helga, the lady in the corner of my office will have a smile on her face. You go, Helga!

An honorable mention goes to every single comment left on Overrated – Bob Dylan, particularly Brian who said Bush would love Ned Bitters, which is hilarious if you know just how much of a left-wing tree-hugger Bitters actually is.

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