Recyclables – MTV Music

Wednesday we empty out our Recycle Bin, which means we take one of the entertaining sites or videos people have forwarded to us and share them with you.

Once upon a time, there was a great network that showed music videos all the time. Then, an evil sorcerer cast a spell on the network and suddenly the music videos were replaced with horrible reality programming. It seemed like all was lost. But then, a handsome prince was able to save the videos and make them available to all of the townspeople once more – and that handsome prince was The Internet.

That’s right, thanks to the power of the Internet, we can all once again remember the glory days of MTV and watch videos any time we want. All of the great videos from the 80s (as well as modern videos) are now available at (a name that is repetitive, but sadly necessary now that MTV is no longer synonymous with music), including the Michael Jackson classic “Thriller,” which you can watch above.

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