Hobo Radio 67 – The Old Man and the Socialist

Week 67 Spotlight: The Old Man and the Socialist

In past years, those looking to be scared on Halloween might pop in a DVD of their favorite vampire or zombie movie. This year, however, if you want to be scared, all you need to do is turn on CNN or MSNBC and watch the stories about our failing economy or the never-ending War in Iraq.

While the United States can be a very scary place these days, a change is coming. In four days, America will elect a new president – either Barack Obama or John McCain (sorry Ron Paul and Ralph Nader fans). In order to make sense of all that has happened in this year’s election, Joel Murphy is joined this week by HoboTrashcan’s senior political adviser – Bubby.

Does Barack Obama have this election wrapped up? What will happen to the Republican Party (and Sarah Palin) if McCain loses? Since Lars has the week off, will Joel actually go a whole show without mentioning Batman? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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[Editor’s Note: As a special bonus, here is the video for the song we played on this week’s show …]

“A Few Honest Words” By Ben Sollee feat. DJ 2nd Nature from A Few Honest Words on Vimeo.

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