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Hello everyone,

After looking over the posts on HoboTrashcan this week, I’m beginning to wonder if all of our columnists have been waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Joel Murphy is finding fault with the whole world, Brian Murphy is practically foaming at the mouth over Sean Avery’s suspension and Pacman Jones’ threats of legal action and Ned Bitters is going after victims’ families. Even guest blogger Time Kelly has an angry diatribe about adorable woodland creatures.

Here’s hoping that all of our writers have a nice relaxing weekend. The last thing we need is someone going postal here at Hobo Headquarters. Although, that would probably give the site quite a bit of publicity.

Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Murphy’s Law – New Year’s resolutions
Since Joel Murphy is delusional enough to believe that he is perfect, instead of making New Year’s resolutions for himself, he has decided to make resolutions for the rest of the world. Murphy suggests changes for politicians, advertising agencies and television shows. He even has an extreme solution for 2009’s Jimmy Fallon problem.

Note to Self – The sissification of America
Brian Murphy has always had anger issues, but it seems that for 2009 he has made a New Year’s resolution to be even angrier. Murphy brings the hate this week, unleashing his anger on the NHL for its suspension of Sean Avery, Pacman Jones for threatening to sue ESPN and Ned Bitters for … well, being Ned Bitters.

Overrated – Victims’ families’ sense of entitlement
This week, Ned Bitters has a new twist on blaming the victim – blaming the victim’s family. Bitters believes that the families of those who die in highly publicized tragedies don’t deserve special treatment that normal victims’ families wouldn’t receive.

Guest Blog – A new front in the War on Squirrels
It’s safe to say that guest blogger Tim Kelly doesn’t like squirrels. In fact, Kelly believes that squirrels are secretly plotting against mankind, waiting patiently to make their move. This week, Kelly shares the latest advancements in “squirrel warfare.”

– Hobo Stu

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