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Lost: Down the Hatch – The voyage home

Chris Kirkman “316” Recap and Analysis … Previously, on Lost: Ben’s been a busy little beaver, bribing, grifting and cajoling all of the Oceanic Six to go back to the island. Sun’s got a little idea of her own, though – an idea that involves popping a

Note to Self – No end in sight

Brian Murphy Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to root for a basketball team that has a fucking clue. Seeing well-run franchises like the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs able to effectively run their teams on both an immediate

One on One with James Morrison

You can’t stop Jack Bauer, you can only hope to contain him. Dennis Hopper couldn’t kill him, the Chinese government couldn’t keep him imprisoned and even Congress seems unable to force him to testify about his previous transgressions. However, there is one man who Jack Bauer answers

Murphy’s Law – A new Street Fighter movie, really?

Joel Murphy When I heard that Seth Rogen was already remaking Paul Blart: Mall Cop, I knew Hollywood was scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas, but it wasn’t until I saw a trailer for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li that I realized just

Guest Blog Post – Zach Cumer update

[Editor’s Note: Ned Bitters is sleeping off a hangover in an alley somewhere, so today we bring you a special guest column written by Zach Cumer. In 2007 we profiled Cumer, who had just had his breakout role in the film Smokin’ Aces. We decided to give

From the Vault – One on One with Michael Kostroff

When Maury Levy had Omar Little on the stand in court, he tried to discredit the witness by saying that Omar profited from the drug trade, making a living off of the suffering of others. Without missing a beat, Omar responded, “Just like you man. I got

Outside of the In-Crowd – Romantical

Courtney Enlow You know, sometimes your faith in humanity is called into question. You believe that no matter what, people will wrong you, that you’ll be hurt. That your feelings don’t matter and will be stepped on by all who walk past. But then, something happens. Something

Hobo Stu’s Weekly Recap

Hobo Stu Hello everyone, It’s been a busy week here on HoboTrashcan. In addition to all of the normal weekly goodness, we also have an interview up with Benjamin Linus himself, Michael Emerson, and a review of the cult classic film Donnie Darko, which just came out

Lost: Down the Hatch – French Toast

Chris Kirkman “This Place is Death” Recap and Analysis … Previously, on Lost: Kate meets Jack at the docks and is surprised to find Ben there. Jack tells her Ben’s with him. That doesn’t sit too well with Kate because she knows that Ben’s the one that’s