Management Update

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This week, we are adding a new columnist to the site, Aaron R. Davis. Aaron’s column, Positive Cynicism, will run on Tuesdays. Ned Bitters will still be writing for the site – they will be alternating weeks.

We figured St. Patrick’s Day was a good day to introducing Aaron, since Ned is undoubtedly out drinking somewhere, trying to convince any women in the vicinity to kiss his “Blarney Stone.” Assuming Ned can make it through the day without ending up in jail or rehab, he’ll be back here next week with a brand new Overrated column.

Until then, I hope you will enjoy the first ever Positive Cynicism column. Even though Aaron is dead wrong about his assessment of The Dark Knight, it’s a great column and I think you will all agree that Aaron is a great addition to the site.

– Joel Murphy

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