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Hello everyone,

It seems the St. Patrick’s Day party I threw earlier this week didn’t get the kind of turn out I was hoping for. Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with 1,000 extra “Hobo Stu’s St. Patrick’s Day 2009” t-shirts and 30 cases of green beer.

Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

One on One with David H. Lawrence, XVII
After tormenting Claire Bennet, along with her biological and adopted mothers last season on Heroes, it was quite a surprise to see Eric Doyle reemerge and ask Claire for help. Even more surprising was the fact that Claire did indeed help him.

But then again, maybe we shouldn’t have been too surprised. While Doyle can certainly be a very creepy and unsettling character, there is something likeable about the puppetmaster who controls other humans with the flick of his wrists. Perhaps that likeability comes from David H. Lawrence, XVII, the charismatic actor who portrays Doyle on the show.

We had a chance to talk to Lawrence about Heroes, his work on Saints Row and his short film My Name Is Wallace.

Review – Wonder Woman
Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion star in this new animated film, which focuses on Wonder Woman’s origin. This week, we take a look at the film and offer some background on Wonder Woman’s original comic book origin story and the film’s feminist undertones.

Lost: Down the Hatch – The summer of ’77
The Oceanic survivors were reunited, little Ben made sandwiches and Juliet was ready to knife Kate. Chris Kirkman provides a brief recap and in-depth analysis of the Lost episode “Namaste” and shares the recipe for GERONIMO, which is this week’s episode-inspired drink recipe.

Murphy’s Law – Boob Tube Breakdown (Midseason Replacements Edition)
The networks have begun unveiling their midseason replacement shows. This week, Joel Murphy takes a look at all of the new shows debuting in March and April and gives his take on which shows are worth watching and which ones should never have been made in the first place.

Note to Self – Lessons learned
The trendy thing to do in the NFL right now is to hire young coaches over experienced veterans. However, sometimes young coaches make rookie mistakes, like Josh McDaniels did with Jay Cutler. Brian Murphy takes a look at where he went wrong in this week’s column.

Outside of the In-Crowd – “What came first – the music, or the misery?”: Why John Cusack movies cannot cure your suffering
Ladies, when you have a broken heart, it may seem like a good idea to turn to John Cusack’s movies for comfort. However, this week Courtney Enlow explains why this is an absolutely terrible idea. It seems that watching Cusack’s perfect love stories when your own heart is broken only makes matters worse.

Positive Cynicism – It’s not Watchmen, it’s you
Many people have complained about the movie adaptation of the popular graphic novel Watchmen. This week, in his debut column on HoboTrashcan, Aaron R. Davis takes a look at some of the complaints people have made about the film and explains why those critics are wrong.

– Hobo Stu

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