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Hello everyone,

People keep asking me if I have any plans to start a HoboTrashcan Twitter account, since tweeting is the trendy thing to do these days. Typically, I don’t have to answer these people, since my clinched fists and foaming mouth are usually enough to let them know it’s a wise idea to change the subject.

But in case all of you were wondering – no, I will not be starting a HoboTrashcan Twitter account. As a hobo, I have enough trouble accepting your fancy social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. But I draw the line at Twitter. Both “Twitter” and “tweet” sound like words from a children’s book, not something that civilized adults should be doing on their cellphones 24 hours a day.

So keep on tweeting if it makes you happy, but don’t expect to see me anywhere near that site. I’ll be much too busy shouting at kids to get off my lawn … and by lawn, I mean the grass near the back of the train yard.

Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Review – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Blu-ray)
If you are curious about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which was released this week on DVD and Blu-ray, we have you covered. However, even if you haven’t seen the film, you are probably already familiar with the plot, which borrows liberally from Forrest Gump.

Lost: Down the Hatch – Something bitchy this way comes
Sayid showed he still has impeccable timing, Hurley proved to be a terrible liar and Kate ruined everything. Chris Kirkman provides a brief recap and in-depth analysis of the Lost episode “Follow the Leader” and explains how to make The Submarine, which is this week’s episode-inspired drink recipe.

Murphy’s Law – Defending Miss California
Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was asked during this year’s Miss USA pageant if she believes gay marriage should be legalized and she answered honestly, saying no. Since then, she has been attacked for her beliefs. This week, Joel Murphy defends Miss California, even though he doesn’t agree with her.

Note to self – Enough is enough
Brett Favre has been been doing his annual “will he or won’t he?” retirement routine for several years now and Brian Murphy is getting sick of it. When Favre’s name popped up earlier this week as a possible starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, Murphy snapped at Favre and the sportswriters who continue to cover him.

Outside of the In-Crowd – Chuck me
It’s pretty safe to say that HoboTrashcan’s writers are big fans of Chuck. After Joel Murphy’s Chuck column last week, Courtney Enlow picks up the slack this week with her own “Save Chuck” column, which offers seven ways to make season three awesome.

Positive Cynicism – Writing a romantic comedy is easy
To prove just how easy it is to write a modern-day romantic comedy, this week Aaron R. Davis shares his own romantic comedy script, which stars a handsome man named Adam, a beautiful woman named Eve and Adam’s wacky, obnoxious friend, Farty.

From the Vault – One on One with Brian Baumgartner
It’s hard not to love Kevin Malone. The spectacularly unspectacular Dunder-Mifflin employee can get away with talking about Hedonism or his favorite number, 69, simply by flashing a big grin to the camera. Portraying Kevin is Brian Baumgartner, who sat down with us in 2006 and talked to us about life at The Office. If you missed the interview then, here’s your chance to read it now.

– Hobo Stu

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