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Hello everyone,

Am I the only one who wanted to hug Chris Kirkman after this past Wednesday’s Lost finale? Not only did his unfortunate prediction come true about his beloved Juliet, but now the season has come to an end and Kirkman must wait until 2010 for more episodes to dissect and theorize upon.

Someone should put him on suicide watch. Or, at the very least, someone should keep taking him to see Star Trek over and over again. Hopefully, J.J. Abrams’ involvement and the time travel aspect of the film will be enough to tide him over until next year.

Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Lost: Down the Hatch – The beginning is the end is the beginning
Kate stole something besides another gal’s man, two characters ended up dead and we finally met Jacob. Chris Kirkman provides a brief recap and in-depth analysis of the Lost finale, “The Incident,” and explains how to make The Juliet, which is this week’s episode-inspired drink recipe.

Murphy’s Law – Sorry Gelfond, size does matter
Richard Gelfond, co-CEO of IMAX Corporation, and comedian Aziz Ansari got into an online battle after Ansari got upset over seeing Star Trek on what he dubbed “BULLSHIT IMAX” (meaning the film was shown on a 25-foot screen instead of the standard 76-footer). This week, Joel Murphy weighs in on their debate and decides that size does matter.

Note to self – Not good times
This past Wednesday was a tough day for DC-area sports fans. The Capitals were eliminated from the playoffs, the Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman 30-game hitting streak came to an end and the Miami Dolphins signed former Redskins defensive end Jason Taylor to a one-year deal. Brian Murphy takes a look at this series of unfortunate events.

Outside of the In-Crowd – Reality people don’t count
Courtney Enlow is trying to figure out why we all pay attention to reality stars, since in the grand scheme of things, they don’t matter. Unlike actors, who actually have to do a job to earn a paycheck, reality stars become famous without any discernible skills or talent, and frankly, Enlow is tired of them hogging the spotlight.

Positive Cynicism – It’s time for Star Trek fans to get out of the way of Star Trek
While J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek had a huge opening weekend, creating new Star Trek fans in the process, some of the original fans of the series were upset with the direction Abrams took their beloved franchise. This week, Aaron R. Davis defends Abrams and urges the diehard fans to let the casual fans have this incarnation of Star Trek.

– Hobo Stu

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