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Hello everyone,

Apparently I just can’t escape Twitter.

Two weeks ago, I was complaining about Twitter and telling people that I would never start a HoboTrashcan Twitter account, adding that “both ‘Twitter’ and ‘tweet’ sound like words from a children’s book, not something that civilized adults should be doing on their cellphones 24 hours a day.” After I wrote that, a kindhearted reader named Joelle offered to run a Twitter feed for the site, which Joel took her up on, despite my bitter protests. You can now find the feed here, if you are into that sort of thing.

If that wasn’t bad enough, this week Aaron R. Davis devoted his entire column to Twitter. It seems like I just can’t get away from that ridiculous site.

Stupid technology.

Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Review – Dexter: The Second Season (Blu-ray)
Over the past few years, Showtime has begun to challenge HBO for the title of “king of original programming on cable.” That is in large part due to Dexter, a show about a serial killer with a strict moral code. Season two of the hit show was released earlier this month on Blu-ray, so this week we take a look at the box set.

Lost: Down the Hatch – Flashbackin’
Season five of Lost may be over, but that’s not stopping Chris Kirkman from offering up a brand new column this week. Like the Losties themselves, Kirkman is heading back in time this week to Down the Hatch‘s humble (pre-HoboTrashcan) beginnings to bring you his first few Lost columns.

Murphy’s Law – No chance in hell
Vince McMahon has had quite a few memorable matches inside the ring, but this week he’s been making headlines for a fight outside the squared circle. McMahon has been battling Kroenke Sports, who kicked McMahon and the WWE out of the Pepsi Center next Monday to make room for a Denver Nuggets’ playoff game. Joel Murphy weighs in on this feud in this week’s column.

Outside of the In-Crowd – How Not To Be An Asshole 1: A Things Assholes Like Helpfulness Guide
This week, Courtney Enlow continues her popular “Things Assholes Like” series, but instead of simply bashing assholes for their behavior, she offers a helpful guide to keep average people like you and me from giving in to our assholish tendencies.

Positive Cynicism – The Twitter side of life
NPR’s John Ridley recently claimed that people who posted on Twitter were hypocrites since they gave out personal information in their tweets, but complained any time the government attempted to invade their privacy. This week, Aaron R. Davis pokes holes in Ridley’s argument and defends Twitter.

From the Vault – Getting to Know … Joe Dunn
Joe Dunn might just be the hardest working man in webcomics. Three years ago, he was regularly updating three comics on his website, Digital Pimp Online, and had recently wrapped up a fourth strip with Mitch Clem. (Dunn is also the man responsible for all of the artwork seen here on HoboTrashcan.) If you missed this interview in 2006, take this opportunity to get to know him now.

– Hobo Stu

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