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Review – Revolutionary Road (Blu-ray)
When times get tough, we’ve all fantasized about escaping the tedium of everyday life to pursue our wildest dreams. Some dream of running away to join the circus or painting a masterpiece or backpacking through Europe. Revolutionary Road is the story of a couple in the 1950s who actually attempt to pursue those dreams. This week we review the film and it’s bonus features.

Murphy’s Law – The tragic death of David Carradine
When it was reported that David Carradine died of auto-erotic asphyxiation gone wrong, Carradine’s family was desperate to find any other explanation, including an outlandish theory that he was killed by underground ninjas. While Joel Murphy sympathizes with the family, this week he pleads with them to just let it go, since digging further into his death will probably only cause them more pain.

Note to Self – Tiger is back
While all of the other major sports are winding down, all of the big names in professional golf are preparing to return to the scene of one of the most exciting events of 2008, the U.S. Open. This week, Brian Murphy takes a look at the Open and Tiger’s chances of dominating it.

Outside of the In-Crowd – Heathers 2: The Quickening
In a recent interview, Winona Ryder mentioned that there is a sequel to Heathers in the works. Heathers is one of Courtney Enlow’s favorite films of all time, so this week she takes a look at the new film and attempts to figure out if Heathers 2 can “exist in a world without scrunchies.”

Positive Cynicism – The bullpen of stupid
As Aaron R. Davis explains at the beginning of this week’s column: “Some weeks, you have a big point you want to make. And some weeks, you just have a bunch of little points you want to annoy people with.” For Davis, this week is one of the latter.

From the Vault – One on One with Terence Winter
From writing to acting to directing, Terence Winter literally did it all on The Sopranos. He’s written numerous classic moments, like Paulie and Christopher getting stranded and eating ketchup packets in the woods, Vito getting caught blowing a construction worker and Christopher shocking the world by throwing Little Paulie out of a window. Think of your favorite moments over the show’s history, and chances are Winter wrote it.

Outside of David Chase, Terence Winter is probably more intimately familiar with The Sopranos universe than anyone on the planet. So, in 2007 when there was only one episode left of the hit show, we sat down with Winter to ask him about the inner workings of one of the best shows in TV history, his favorite moments both on and off camera and the fate of the Russian who got away. If you missed the interview then (or if you just find yourself missing The Sopranos now), here’s your chance to enjoy it once again.

– Hobo Stu

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