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Hello everyone,

Here at HoboTrashcan, we are lucky enough to have the most attractive fans on the whole Internet. Have you all seen yourselves in the mirror lately? You are absolutely gorgeous people. You are a collection of Greek gods (who happen to enjoy pop culture references and sardonic wit).

And while your sparkling good looks are certainly not in question, I can’t help but feel like you are all missing something. Sure, you have magnificent looks and charming personalities, but you could use a bit of an upgrade in the wardrobe department. You deserve to own a piece of clothing that is as magnificent to gaze upon as you are.

That’s why you all should pick up HoboTrashcan’s new “Don’t cross the streams” t-shirt. It’s the only t-shirt that is as beautiful as all of you fine people, so do yourself a favor and order your shirt today.

Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Outside of the In-Crowd – Official earners of their World’s Best Grandpa mugs
Tragically, Courtney Enlow’s grandfather passed away this past weekend. As a tribute to the man who meant the world to her, this week Enlow ranks the top five grandfathers from film and television and reveals why these men are worthy of their “World’s Best Grandpa” mugs.

Positive Cynicism – Fight for your digital rights
This week, Aaron R. Davis takes a look at digital rights management (DRM), technology which was supposedly implemented to protect the copyright on the music you purchase online, but which actually ends up controlling your access to the music you buy.

Guest Blog Post – Laughing all the way to the bank
American consumers can be talked into purchasing the most ridiculous crap if it is marketed effectively. This week, Brandon Miller takes a look back at the origins of four toy crazes – Slinkys, Pet Rocks, Rubik’s Cubes and Big Mouth Billy Bass – and wonders what the hell America was thinking.

The Teachers’ Lounge – Memorable Moments 2009
High school teacher and former HoboTrashcan columnist Ned Bitters returns to the site this week with a special guest column highlighting the funniest and most memorable moments that occurred in his classroom this past school year.

From the Vault – One on One with Kenneth Johnson
It’s not every day that a celebrity is willing to go on the record and say he could crush Sylvester Stallone. Anyone willing to step up and make that kind of bold statement is our kind of guy. So when Kenneth Johnson, of The Shield and Saving Grace fame, promises he could beat Sly in less than a second, that’s not something we’ll soon forget.

Last year, we caught up with Johnson to chat about working with one of the biggest names in porn, getting killed off of a major television show and being the second-best arm wrestler in the world.

– Hobo Stu

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