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One on One with David Ramsey
You know you’re a smooth operator when you serenade a cop with a song calling her a “white skinny bitch” and instead of roughing you up and hauling you off to jail, she actually falls in love with you. But that’s just how Anton Briggs, the guitar-playing, drug dealing confidential informant on Dexter, rolls.

Playing Briggs on the hit show is David Ramsey, a man so cool that he openly admits to owning a moped, which he used to drive around the streets of LA. Ramsey recently talked to us about the new season of Dexter, his affinity for “charactery” roles and the love scene with Kerry Washington he can’t show his wife.

Murphy’s Law – Heart problems
A recent study conducted by the National Institute on Aging found that people who get divorced are generally less healthy than those who stay married. Joel Murphy takes a look at these results and wonders what we are supposed to do with this information.

Note to self – Running the option with Vick
Michael Vick has served out his sentence and is now looking to return to the NFL. The question is: where will he end up? This week, Brian Murphy looks at some possible scenarios for Vick and gives his thoughts on where he believes the athlete should sign.

Outside of the In-Crowd – A review of The Ugly Truth by someone who will never see The Ugly Truth
It’s safe to say Courtney Enlow is not a fan of Katherine Heigl. Enlow can’t find anything nice to say about the outspoken actress, so this week she uses multiple variations of the word “bitch” to explain why she won’t be seeing Heigl’s new film, The Ugly Truth.

Positive Cynicism – And Fox screws over fans yet again
Fans of the canceled show Futurama were very excited when news broke that Fox had reached an agreement to create new episodes of the show to air on Comedy Central. However, Fox is now playing hardball with the voice actors from the show and threatening to recast their roles.

From the Vault – Hanging Around … San Diego Comic-Con 2008
The San Diego Comic-Con is an annual comic convention that in recent years has ballooned into a multi-genre celebration of nerd culture. Major studios use the Con to promote their movies and TV shows. Big name celebrities participate in panel discussions, fielding questions from rabid fans. It has become a can’t miss pop culture event.

This year, like most broke nerds in this terrible economy, we ended up sitting at home reading about Comic-Con on the Internet. But last year, Courtney Enlow was there, experiencing the sights, the sounds and (unfortunately) the smells. So if you missed her report last year and would like to relive a time when a HoboTrashcan writer actually had the budget to be a part of the Nerd Super Bowl, here is your chance.

– Hobo Stu

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