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Hello everyone,

Today, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra hits theaters. Now, while I have a few reservations about the film (most of them involving how douchey Channing Tatum looks as Duke), I’m willing to go check it out this weekend with an open mind.

Now obviously, there are going to be some major differences between this live-action film and the original cartoon series. It’s understandable that the writers and director would make adjustments to update the material and to adapt it to a live-action feature. However, I think that the most disappointing change between the 80s cartoon and the new movie (besides how douchey the new Duke looks) is that there isn’t going to be a PSA attached to the end of the film.

Those PSAs helped make me the man I am today. I learned about the importance of things like eating fruit instead of candy before a big game and avoiding downed power lines. However, there was one PSA in particular that truly changed the way I looked at the world. So, in honor of the new film, I want to share that life-altering PSA with you today.

Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Murphy’s Law – A world without Twitter
Since the social networking site allows users to post sensitive information quickly and easily to a large audience, the Pentagon, the Marines, ESPN and the NFL are all either implementing or considering bans on Twitter. This week, Joel Murphy takes a look at what these bans might mean for the future of the site.

Outside of the In-Crowd – Screechless: People Magazine’s revisionist history
People Magazine recently reunited the Saved By the Bell cast, but failed to invite Dustin Diamond. They even went as far as to Photoshop Screech out of their original cast photo. This week, Courtney Enlow reveals what a “Screechless” Bayside would have been like.

Positive Cynicism – Why is Katherine Heigl a feminist icon, but not Kelly Clarkson?
When Katherine Heigl throws the people around her under the bus, her apologists say she is just being outspoken and honest. Meanwhile, Kelly Clarkson recently spoke about her troubles with her record company and no one rushed to her defense. This week, Aaron R. Davis examines this double standard.

Guest Blog Post – Hungry for more Top Chef
When not catching up on The Real Housewives of Orange County, guest blogger Brandon Miller enjoys watching the Bravo cooking competition Top Chef. This week he gives a quick background on the show and tells you why you should be watching it too.

From the Vault – One on One with Jonah Hill
All it took was one small scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin to become a fan of Jonah Hill for life. In 2006, we interviewed him before the release of the film Accepted. Since then, he’s become an even bigger star due to a great roles in films like Knocked Up, Superbad and Funny People. So if you missed our interview back in 2006, here is your chance to relive it now.

– Hobo Stu

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