Hobo Radio 97 – All Saints Day

  • Introduction
  • Boondock Saints II
  • Martin Lawrence movies
  • Lars defends District 9
  • Contractually-obligated Batman discussion

Week 97 Spotlight: All Saints Day

In 1999, a little film by Troy Duffy entitled The Boondock Saints was released in theaters with little fanfare. The movie tanked at the box office, but over time it became a huge cult film.

Ten years later, Duffy has finally completed Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, which will be released on October 30. The trailer for the sequel recently hit the Internet, so this week Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle (both fans of the original film) discuss the trailer and share their thoughts on the sequel.

Are they excited about the Boondock Saints follow up? Who is the greatest Batman ever? What is the difference between Christian Bale and all of the guys pretending to be Batman in The Dark Knight? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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