Management Update – One final reminder

Don’t forget, as we first announced two weeks ago, the Mike O’Meara Show returns today. Make sure to visit today after 1 p.m. to download the show.

If you missed our original announcement, here it is again:

    As you may have guessed from our interview with Buzz Burbank, we are all big fans of The Mike O’Meara Show. And ever since Joel wrote about the show being canceled by WJFK, many fans have been leaving comments and sending us emails asking about the future of the show.

    We are happy to report that the news broke today that the gang is getting back together. Starting December 7, Mike, Buzz and Robb will return with a free daily podcast.

    Upon hearing the news, we tracked down Buzz Burbank to ask him what fans can expect from this new incarnation of the show. Our first question was whether or not getting away from traditional radio and the restrictions of the FCC means that the show will become more risque.

    “The show will be what I call MSFW — Mostly Safe For Work,” Buzz explained. “We and the audience will enjoy a new freedom, but — at the same time — we want to make the show accessible to as many people as possible.

    “Besides, certain radio stations may pick up the show for broadcast (making us the first podcast show in the U.S. to be carried by broadcast stations). Up ’til now, it’s only been the other way around. Going forward, we want to make the show available on every conceivable device.

    “Prioritizing podcast over broadcast has already been extremely well-received by our Facebook friends. Even though we’re blazing new trails here, our supporters seem to have no objection to the change in media. Most seem to prefer the podcast!”

    We also asked Buzz about the new addition to the show, Oscar Santana, formerly of Big O and Dukes.

    “We’re genuinely excited about Oscar joining us, for several reasons,” Buzz said. “In no particular order: He’s very popular on his own, he’s a very nice guy and he’s been a crucial driving force behind bringing this show to the Internet.

    “He also brings a younger perspective — and a minority perspective — to the show … along with great skills at keeping us organized and on-track. But we plan to keep our most popular features, like What’s in Robb’s Pants?

    Buzz also offered a final word of thanks to all of the fans who have been anxiously awaiting this announcement.

    “We’re blown away by how patient everyone’s been about the return of the show. They didn’t stop caring! We can’t thank them — or you, Joel — enough for hanging in.”

Joel Murphy

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