Hobo Radio 122 – Keep your hookers fresher longer

  • Introduction
  • Celebrity deaths
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Dane Cook
  • Green hookers
  • Contractually-obligated Batman discussion
  • “Minutes Too Late” by The Kellys

Week 122 Spotlight: Keep your hookers fresher longer

If you love hookers and blow as much as Joel Murphy and Lars, this week’s podcast is one you must listen to. Our dynamic duo offers up helpful tips to get the most out of your hookers and to keep them from going bad for as long as possible.

They also find the time to discuss Dane Cook’s laughable movie career, the latest tragic celebrity death and the train wreck that is that “milkaholic” Lindsay Lohan. All of these topics and more can be yours for the low, low price of $100 million dollars. But only if you act now.

How can you get the most out of your hookers? Will Robin ruin the next Batman video game? Is there any role Bruce Willis or Morgan Freeman can’t play? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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