From the Vault – One on One with Mick Foley

From barbed wire baseball bats to thumbtacks to flaming tables, Mick Foley has made a living showing WWE fans things they have never seen before. Foley’s last book, The Hardcore Diaries, which was published in 2007, gave fans a glimpse of something they had never seen before – the inner workings of the WWE. In 2007, Foley was nice enough to talk to us about the book, his problems with Vince McMahon and what it was like being the WWE Divas gay friend.

In the three years since this interview ran, Foley left the WWE and signed with rival company TNA. His book and this interview provide some insight into why he made that decision. So if you missed it back in 2007, enjoy it today, the day after Wrestlemania:

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