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Hello everyone,

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate Courtney Enlow on her big engagement. Obviously, everyone here at HoboTrashcan is incredibly happy for her.

We are also very happy for Lars, who finally managed to make it all the way through Term of Endearment without crying … much.

Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

One on One with Laura Harring
Laura Harring does not fit into a neat little box. Best known for her lead role in Mulholland Drive, the charming actress is also a globetrotting former Miss USA and Countess von Bismarck. With such varied and rich life experience, it’s no wonder she possesses an eclectic vibe and natural charm that make her so captivating on screen.

Recently, she has surfaced on Gossip Girl as the estranged, assumed-dead mother of Chuck Bass. Like Harring herself, there is more Elizabeth Bass than meets the eye and tonight Harring promises the mystery surrounding her character will finally be solved. We had a few brief moments this afternoon to talk to Harring about Gossip Girl, Mulholland Drive and Raul Julia’s influence on her career.

Lost: Down the Hatch – Lost in Translation
This week, we finally discover what “The Package” is and the answer didn’t disappoint; although many fans felt like the rest of this week’s episode did. However, Chris Kirkman still provides the entertaining recap and excellent in-depth analysis you’ve come to expect. And if you really hated the episode, he offers a drink recipe to help you forget all about it.

Murphy’s Law – All the cool Axe users are doing it
Bored teens are dousing their forearms with Axe body spray, igniting it and then gleefully posting these videos on YouTube. While Joel Murphy realizes that he should be troubled by this disturbing trend, he finds that he is strangely comfortable with it, mainly because it means there are less Axe body spray users out in the world.

Outside of the In-Crowd – I vow to never need to STFU
Courtney Enlow shares some big news with her loyal readers this week – she’s engaged. She also make a promise – a very, very important promise. She vows never to be “That Girl,” the one who talks about her engagement incessantly to the point where her friends and family can’t stand to listen to her anymore.

Positive Cynicism – Just tell me how to react, neighbor
With the loud music coming from his car and the loud, obnoxious conversations with his annoying friends, clearly Aaron R. Davis’ neighbor is hoping people will notice him. The problem is, Davis is having trouble understanding why. He wants to know what he is supposed to be getting from these performance pieces.

Hobo Radio 125 – Second of all, thank you
Ana Paquin’s “shocking” announcement that she is bisexual sparks an interesting discussion between Joel Murphy and Lars this week. They begin pondering what it means to be bisexual, which causes them to drift off into a discussion on why anyone – male or female – would ever be attracted to a naked man.

From the Vault – One on One with Mick Foley
From barbed wire baseball bats to thumbtacks to flaming tables, Mick Foley has made a living showing WWE fans things they have never seen before. Foley’s last book, The Hardcore Diaries, which was published in 2007, gave fans a glimpse of something they had never seen before – the inner workings of the WWE. In 2007, Foley was nice enough to talk to us about the book, his problems with Vince McMahon and what it was like being the WWE Divas gay friend.

In the three years since this interview ran, Foley left the WWE and signed with rival company TNA. His book and this interview provide some insight into why he made that decision. So if you missed it back in 2007, enjoy it now.

– Hobo Stu

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