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Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Lost: Down the Hatch – Meanwhile …
Just because Lost took the week off, it doesn’t mean Down the Hatch has to. Chris Kirkman uses this momentary break in season six to play catch up, covering a few topics that have slipped through the cracks lately, including Walt’s backwards speech, the brainwashing in Room 23 and Jack’s reappearing neck wound.

Murphy’s Law – Commercial success
Advertisers are always looking for ways to reach TV audiences and this week Joel Murphy shares an easy solution – stop making awful commercials. Murphy reached this epiphany after he and his friends spent the weekend seeking out Terry Crews’ Old Spice commercials on YouTube.

Outside of the In-Crowd – The holiest of wars
South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are no strangers to controversy. However, they never received a death threat before … until now. They reportedly received one this week from the group Revolution Muslim because their 200th and 201st episodes involve the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Courtney Enlow shares her thoughts on this scary story.

Positive Cynicism – The five stages of grief
After finding out that his external hard drive crashed, Aaron R. Davis experienced the five stages of grief. He also experienced a “feeling that started burning into my neck, slid into the pit of my stomach and then dropped down into my bowels was pretty close to a rectal prolapse,” which isn’t an official stage of grief, but is painful nonetheless.

Hobo Radio 129 – Know how I know you’re gay?
If you thought Joel Murphy’s life couldn’t get any more ridiculous after last week’s admission that his broken closet made him believe in ghosts, just wait until you hear about the man-date he went on this week. It seems that an outing with a male friend to watch hockey and eat a steak dinner somehow turned into a fabulous evening that would make an old queen jealous.

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