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Lost: Down the Hatch – A Long Time, On a Crooked Road
This past Sunday, after six seasons, Lost‘s long and winding journey finally came to an end. Questions were left unanswered and some were unsatisfied by the climax, but there is no denying that the writers gave us all a memorable final. Chris Kirkman shares his thoughts on “The End” in his final Down the Hatch recap.

Hobo Radio 133 – Saying goodbye to Lost
This week Joel Murphy and Lars invite Chris Kirkman, HoboTrashcan’s resident Lost expert, on to help eulogize the show. They discuss the lasting impact of the show and the finale, including the disappointment many fans felt over the way things ended. They also look back at the show as a whole and share their thoughts on their favorite seasons and moments.

Murphy’s Law – What happened to the remaining Lost survivors after the finale?
While this past Sunday’s finale revealed that ultimately the surviving characters were reunited with their fallen comrades in a flash sideways “purgatory” upon death, we don’t know what their post-Lost lives entailed. This week, Joel Murphy offers his theories on how the survivors lives ended up.

Outside of the In-Crowd – Lindsay, you in danger, girl
As Lindsay Lohan continues her downward spiral and jail time now seems imminent, this week Courtney Enlow documents Lohan’s rapid fall to rock bottom and offers up an open letter to her absentee parents. Then, to keep things from getting too depressing, she also provides photos of adorable baby piglets.

The Teachers’ Lounge – Memorable Moments 2010
Former HoboTrashcan columnist and current high school teacher Ned Bitters returns to the site with a special guest column this week sharing a few of his favorite moments inside the classroom this year. This week’s column is all about maturity – the maturity of his students, the parents and Bitters himself.

From the Vault – One on One with Michael Emerson
Not ready to say goodbye to Lost just yet? Then do what the Oceanic survivors did in season five and jump back in time to February 2009, when we interviewed Michael Emerson about the show. He talked about the complexities of Lost, the lighter side of Benjamin Linus and having microwavable food thrown at your head. Emerson also shared his thoughts on how he thought the show would end, so you can now go back and see how well he did. If you missed the interview then, enjoy it now.

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