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Murphy’s Law – One Shot: Glee
Glee swept the nation this season, earning an army of devote followers who were sucked in by the show’s overly-dramatic plotlines and well-choreographed covers of pop songs. Joel Murphy had never seen the show before, but he decided to tune in to the finale to give Glee “one shot” to impress him.

Outside of the the In-Crowd – Unreal, but important
Rue McClanahan passed away this past week, which sadly leaves Betty White as the last remaining Golden Girl. Courtney Enlow shares how much Blanche Devereaux meant to her and also pays tribute to a few other special TV ladies who helped shape her into the woman she is today, including Daria and Buffy‘s Willow.

Positive Cynicism – I hate MTV
The MTV Movie Awards used to be a fun show that no one took too seriously. It was a lighthearted alternative to the stuffy and over-serious Academy Awards. However, these days the MTV Movie Awards are a much more serious affair, one aimed at tweens to validate their love of Twilight by awarding the film pointless trophies. Aaron R. Davis is not pleased.

From the Vault – One on One with Terence Winter
From writing to acting to directing, Terence Winter literally did it all on The Sopranos. He’s written numerous classic moments, like Paulie and Christopher getting stranded and eating ketchup packets in the woods, Vito getting caught blowing a construction worker and Christopher shocking the world by throwing Little Paulie out of a window. Think of your favorite moments over the show’s history, and chances are Winter wrote it.

Outside of David Chase, Terence Winter is probably more intimately familiar with The Sopranos universe than anyone on the planet. So, in 2007 when there was only one episode left of the hit show, we sat down with Winter to ask him about the inner workings of one of the best shows in TV history, his favorite moments both on and off camera and the fate of the Russian who got away. If you missed the interview then (or if you just find yourself missing The Sopranos now), here’s your chance to enjoy it once again.

Hobo Radio 135 – Everybody hates Ratner
You can argue over whether or not greenlighting a movie starring Tom Cruise as Les Grossman is a good idea. You can argue over whether or not Nicolas Sarkozy’s policy of only hiring short guards is a bad one. You can even argue over whether or not Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make a good Riddler. But one thing that we call all agree on is that Brett Ratner is an awful, no-talent hack.

– Hobo Stu

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