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Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

One on One with Lauren Stamile
It’s not easy being a home wrecker. Luckily, Lauren Stamile, who has been the wedge between McDreamy and Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy and Jeff and Britta on Community, is so charming and lovable that it’s impossible to stay mad at her for keeping these great television couples apart. We recently talked to Stamile about the medical accuracy of Grey’s Anatomy, the philosophical underpinnings of Community’s finale and the fact that, deep down, she is really an 88-year-old grandmother.

Murphy’s Law – Thinking inside the box
At this week’s press tour, the creator of the new Fox show Lone Star said that comparing your show to Mad Men or Breaking Bad during a network pitch meeting is typically the kiss of death since networks view these shows as low-rated, inferior cable programming. Joel Murphy believes this is what’s wrong with network television these days.

Outside of the In-Crowd – Live every week like it’s Shark Week
Most of the time, when people think of sharks, they think of a Jaws-like scenario where swimmers are being devoured left and right. But once a year, there is a magical time known as “Shark Week,” where we pay tribute to these majestic beasts in a series of TV specials. This week, Courtney Enlow honors Shark Week.

Positive Cynicism – Triceratops (not triceratops)
This past weekend, news broke that John Scanella and Jack Horner, two of the world’s preeminent paleontologists, now claim that the triceratops isn’t a unique species of dinosaur, but is instead a juvenile form of the lesser-known torosaurus. Internet communities are very upset about this latest development, but Aaron R. Davis urges them to chill out in this week’s column.

Hobo Radio 143 – A little less conversation, a little more action
Lawrence Fishburne may be upset right now that his attractive 18-year-old daughter has decided to release a sex tape, but Montana Fishburne is confident that eventually her father “will view it as a positive.” Joel Murphy and Lars, two fans of the actor, do their best to put a positive spin on this for Fishburne this week.

From the Vault – One on One with Jonah Hill
All it took was one small scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin to become a fan of Jonah Hill for life. What’s not to love about a guy who wants nothing more than to be able to buy a pair of hooker boots with goldfish in them? If it really is about the simpler things in life than Jonah’s got it made.

Of course, since that moment when he stole our hearts, Hill has gone on to star in comedy hits like Superbad, Funny People and, most recently, Get Him to the Greek. In 2006, Hill kicked off his boots and sat down with us to talk about life as a writer-turned-actor. If you missed it then, enjoy it now.

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