Phil Davidson’s Requiem for a Dream

Being a lighthearted pop culture site, we generally do all we can to avoid discussing politics. We are much better equipped to discuss Lindsay Lohan’s latest drama or Ben Stiller’s lack of talent than this country’s current political climate.

That being said, when a politician running for treasurer in an obscure county in Ohio decides to grab a mic and deliver a WWE-caliber speech explaining why he should be elected, we stand up and take notice. And since our background is in pop culture, the one thing we couldn’t help but think was that while his speech was entertaining, it could still use a little more theatricality.

So, we decided to add a much needed musical score to the video. And whether you’ve already seen Phil Davidson’s fiery speech or not, I think you will agree with us that it’s so much more entertaining when accompanied by Clint Mansell fantastic song “Lux Aeterna” from Requiem for a Dream


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