Management Update – Want to write for HoboTrashcan?

The only and only Ned Bitters has been kind enough to fill in for the short-term while we look for Courtney Enlow’s replacement. It’s always a treat having him on the site. But we are looking for a new writer to permanently take over our Monday slot.

Do you fancy yourself a wordsmith? Could you possibly be the next Billy Shakespeare? Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of the greatest website in the history of the Internets?

If so, then HoboTrashcan is looking for you. We are looking to add a new full-time writer to the site and that writer could be you. Impress your friends, feel like a big shot, score chicks or dudes (or whatever it is you’re into … hey, we’re not here to judge). Glorious opportunities await you at HoboTrashcan.

If you think you are Hobo material, then email me at for more information.

Joel Murphy

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  2. Joel Murphy October 9, 2010

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