Hobo Radio 160 – Adult film star Bree Olson

  • Bree Olson interview
  • Spider-man musical
  • James Franco and Anna Hathaway, Oscar hosts
  • Leslie Nielsen
  • “Santa is Comin'” by Mister Jack

In the first half of this week’s show, Joel Murphy is joined by Bree Olson, adult film star. Olson, known for her engaging personality and unflinching honesty, opens up about how she got into the business and gives insight into the inner workings of a porn set.

Then, Joel brings on Lars to discuss the troubled Spider-man Broadway musical, ABC’s bizarre decision to hire Anne Hathaway and James Franco to host the Academy Awards this year and the passing of the great comedic actor Leslie Nielsen.

What’s it really like on a porn set? Did Bree Olson really shot a gun at someone’s tires? Is the fact that Broadway is making a play based on a movie based on a comic book a sign that the entertainment industry is officially out of ideas? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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