Hobo Radio 161 – More fun than a Viking funeral

  • Introduction
  • Terriers and shortsighted network execs
  • Leslie Nielsen’s funeral
  • Sylvester Stallone, Hall of Fame boxer
  • Hood
  • Robert Duvall and Stanley Kubrick
  • “It’s Christmas Time” by A Band Called Quinn

To celebrate Leslie Nieslen’s life, his family and closest friends got together for a small funeral service that involved watching his old films, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and sharing stories about Nielsen. To Joel Murphy and Lars, that is the right way to have a funeral service.

In addition to Nielsen, they also mourn the loss of Terriers, the best new show of the season, which was canceled this week by FX. They also discuss Sylvester Stallone’s induction into the Boxing Hall of Fame, Robert Duvall’s recent comments about Stanley Kubrick and The Wachowskis new project Hood.

Why does Hollywood insist on retelling the Robin Hood story over and over again? How do Joel and Lars want their funerals to go? How does Lars really feel about Robert Duvall? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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