Hobo Radio 162 – Everybody hates Lars

  • Introduction
  • The weather
  • The Golden Globes suck
  • Celebrity divorces
  • Ned Bitters and Aaron Davis hate Lars
  • “I’d Rather Be Naughty” by A Don’t Hug Me Christmas Carol

After reading the columns on HoboTrashcan this week, Lars can’t help but wonder if they weren’t meant as personal attacks against him. Ned Bitters wrote a column denouncing shots, something Lars loves to drink, and Aaron R. Davis attacked Star Wars fans who hate George Lucas, something that Lars most definitely is. Lars can’t help but wonder if this is all a setup from his podcast co-host and HoboTrashcan site owner Joel Murphy.

In addition to the attacks on Lars, the dynamic duo also discusses two big celebrity divorces (Ryan Reynolds/Scarlet Johansen and Michael C. Hall/Jennifer Carpenter), Jon Favreau’s falling out with Marvel Comics and the impressive versatility of Jeff Bridges.

Why do people pretend the Golden Globes matter? How awesome is Jeff Bridges? Do Joel and Lars really discuss the weather? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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