Hobo Radio 167 – More than you ever wanted to know about Lars

  • Introduction
  • The Lars interview
  • “New York Song” by Lisa Redford

If you have ever wanted to know what makes Lars tick, this week you are in luck. Joel Murphy and Lars shake things up by turning the show into an hour-long interview in which Joel quizzes Lars about his past and finds out what drew him to acting and his love of films.

Joel takes us all the way back to Lars’ humble beginnings in a remote town called Nanjemoy, Maryland, where he grew up with his brother, his sister and an army of cats. We learn about Lars ties to local theatre and how he ultimately ended up in Baltimore. It’s an interview that would make James Lipton proud.

What’s it like growing up in the middle of nowhere? What is Lars’ favorite curse word? And, the biggest question of all – what is Lars’ last name? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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