Hobo Radio 171 – The Bitter Hobos Guide to the 2011 Academy Awards

In a special super-sized podcast, Joel Murphy and Lars talk in-depth about this Sunday’s Academy Award telecast. They break down all of the major categories, sharing their thoughts on who they think should win and who will actually win. They also complain about various oversights in the nominations (Christopher Nolan for directing, The Town for Best Picture) and try to decide which nominees are in line for a classic “makeup Oscar” this year.

Throughout it all, they do their best not to sound like bitter hobos. But, just in case they don’t succeed, they are providing you with a delicious cocktail (created by Chris Kirkman) for you to enjoy while listening to the show.

Here is the recipe for The Bitter Hobo. Pour one and enjoy the show …

    The Bitter Hobo

    For this recipe you’re gonna need (per drink):

    • 1 lime or lemon
    • 2 jiggers of good gin (don’t skimp)
    • 2 dashes of bitters (orange or angostura – I prefer orange)
    • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar

    Take your old, rusty pocket knife and quarter the lime/lemon. Place two of the wedges in an old-fashioned glass and squeeze out the juices with a muddler. If you’re not fancy enough for a muddler, use the back of a spoon, or your hands, you dirty hobo. Pour in the jiggers of gin, the dashes of bitters, some cracked ice and the sugar. Stir it all about with your dirty spoon. Down the hatch, you bean-eating bastards!

    This recipe will also work with bourbon if you want something a little more smooth and less, well, bitter. Then again, most any recipe will work well with bourbon. It’s the bitters that make the difference.

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