Hobo Radio 172 – All hail William Fichtner

  • Introduction
  • People you should know … William Fichtner
  • The rise of Neurocinema
  • Most paused movie scenes
  • Top 10 music scenes in movies
  • “28 Days” by Mafia Track Suit

You may not recognize William Fichtner’s name, but you should. Fichtner is currently starring in (and is by far the best part of) Drive Angry 3D and has also had highly-enjoyable roles in The Dark Knight, Go, Black Hawk Down, Armageddon and Prison Break. In honor of this man who should be a household name, Joel Murphy and Lars have decided to spotlight him in the first installment of a new segment called “People you should know.”

The dynamic duo also share their thoughts a new technology called Neurocinema that the creators hope will revolutionize the way movies are made and they discuss the 10 most paused movie scenes and the 10 best music scenes in film.

Why is William Fichtner so awesome? What the hell is Neurocinema? Did the original plans for the Empire State Building really call for it to be flesh-colored? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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