Hobo Radio 180 – Ice Road Truckers’ Alex Debogorski

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While cleaning out the attic at Hobo Headquarters, Joel Murphy stumbled across a “lost” interview with Alex Debogorski from Ice Road Truckers. Joel interviewed Debogorski on May 21, 2010, but the interview slipped through the cracks and never actually found its way onto the site … until now. This week, in a special Hobo Radio, we bring you the lost Alex Debogorski interview in its entirety.

For those of you unfamiliar with Debogorski, here are some fun facts from the official press release sent out by the PR company that arranged this lost interview:

Ratings Success: Ice Road Truckers premiered in 2007 to record-high ratings, fast becoming The History Channel’s most watched series. Today, the show is syndicated in over 20 countries and with the fourth season premiering June 6th, the show continues to bring in an average of 3 million viewers per episode, rivaling the success of The Deadliest Catch. Hot off the success of Ice Road Truckers, comes the newly announced Extreme Truckers which will force Alex and other drivers to work in completely new surroundings and atmosphere; the hazardous Himalayan Mountain Range.

Traditional Family Man: Alex is the sole character on Ice Road Truckers who actually lives within the NWT and is the first person to begin driving the ice roads each year – a sign of good luck for fellow drivers. As a hardworking father of 11 and grandfather off 10, many of Alex’s family members have been involved with his work on the roads. As a local icon in his community Alex volunteers as a lay prison minister, has run for mayor and even was given the key to the city of Manitowac in 2008.

Adventurous Life & Spirit: While Alex has been a true ice road veteran for over 26 years; his life has never been ordinary. From growing up on a sustainable farm in Alberta, Canada to almost losing his life while mining for coal, Alex has always lived a life full of adventure. His vivacious laugh has long made him hard to ignore and viewers continue to fall in love with his larger-than-life personality. In addition, this fall Alex will release a book he wrote chronicling his travels and life-adventures.

Automotive Master: Self-defined as “car-crazy” Debogorski has a collection of over 100 cars and trucks in various states of restoration. Off camera, the reality TV star refurbishes vintage vehicles in his personal junkyard, including a historic 1937 Pontiac, a 1975 fire engine and is currently in the process of rebuilding a 1967 Camaro.

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