Hobo Radio 181 – Climb inside my Snuggle Truck

  • Introduction
  • Superman is a traitor
  • The Rock has connections
  • Maxim’s Hot 100 List
  • Snuggle Truck
  • People you should know … Neal McDonough
  • Box Office Preview
  • “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton

When Apple refused to place their game in its App Store, Owlchemy Labs were faced with a tough choice. They could scrap Smuggle Truck altogether, the controversial game that involved sneaking Mexican immigrants across the border in a pickup truck, but then all of their hard work would be flushed down the drain. Instead, they decided to retool the game to make it more palatable to Apple and its App Store users. That’s how Snuggle Truck was born – a game where users round up cuddly animals instead of illegal immigrants.

Joel Murphy and Lars share their thoughts on Snuggle Truck this week. They also discuss The Rock’s inside connection to the White House, Maxim’s ridiculous Hot 100 list and the fact that Superman has renounced his American citizenship. All of that, plus another person you should know and another Box Office Preview.

Why is The Rock finding out important news before the rest of the American public? Why does Superman hate America? Can you really be the hottest girl in the world if they use a body double for your silhouette inside the magazine claiming you are number one? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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