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Brandi DeLancey

Brandi DeLancey

Since when has a bouquet of grocery store flowers and a sloppy breakfast in bed become the universal symbol of “Mom, you’re the best. Thanks for all you do 365 days a year, 24 hours a day”?
Just as the punishment should fit the crime, the gift should fit the occasion. These are our Mother’s for pete’s sake! They feed us, they groom us, they take care of us when we are sick … and save being able to embarrass their kids every so often, it’s a pretty thankless job. A few flowers and some waffles hardly seem enough.

I’ve come up with the new go to gift for Mother’s Day … a day at the spa! I want all commercials for the month leading up to this holiday to feature packages for spa days to accommodate every type of mom. I want there to be Spa Day gift cards next to every register in every store. I even want Hallmark to come up with a card that will now have a built-in gift card good for one eight hour period at any spa throughout the country.

Is that too much to ask?

Well, maybe, but Valentine’s Day is synonymous with heart shaped boxes of chocolate and roses. Why can’t Mother’s Day be synonymous with massages and mud baths?

Think about it for a minute. If you wrangle your kids to make Mom breakfast in bed, what happens to the kitchen? It is transformed into a disaster area leveled by an egg, flour and milk bomb. And who do you think will be cleaning that up later? You got that right – MOM! Plus, she’s not the only one eating that breakfast. Everyone has to eat breakfast, so it’s really not all that “special” anyway.

Really, if you get right down to it, it’s awful. What other day of the year does your mother have to grin and bear having egg shells in her pancakes only to then get up and clean up the kitchen which is FAR messier than it would have been if she would’ve just gotten up early and done it herself?

Oh, I know it’s sweet and the kids get a big kick out of it, but come on, if they offered you breakfast made by two-year-olds or a day being oiled and rubbed down by Romeo, what would you choose? Exactly.

Now I’m not saying that every husband needs to run out and take out a second mortgage to give their wives a Mother’s Day gift. I’m just saying that if you struggled with the decision of what to get for her this year, this is a great idea for next year. I guarantee you will never have a woman asking for the gift receipt on this one guys.

Why you say? Why would a woman need or want a day of pampering? Are you seriously asking this question? You give her back rubs for free, so why should you pay someone to give her one just because it’s a holiday, you ask?

Let me answer these questions, and any others you may have, with four little words … BECAUSE SHE DESERVES IT!

Does she need any other reason than entitlement?

Let’s put it this way. What do you guys want for Father’s Day? A day to sit on the couch with your hand down your pants watching whatever sports thing happens to be on that time of year having an endless supply of beer and your favorite snack brought to you all day. No nagging, no honey-do’s, no kids jumping up and down in front of the TV begging for you to let them play the Wii. Am I right?

That is EXACTLY what a day at the spa is to her. A relaxing place to veg out having all of her needs attended to while no husbands or kids can get to her to ask a million times in a five minute period to get them something, do something for them or make something for them to eat/drink! And she can close her eyes for longer than it takes to blink without fear of what the house will look like when she opens them again. Oh what a luxury … especially that last one!

Makes sense when you see it laid out right? Right.

So come on guys, when Mother’s Day rolls around next year, give the mama in your life a little rest and relaxation. That’s all we really want. A few hours to ourselves where you AND the kids can’t get to us, and we can sit and do nothing for a few hours. When realistically, we will just be worrying about what you and the kids are doing at the house that we will have to clean up later. But hey, we can forgive that after having the gift of time away from you all given to us this one time a year because we are mothers and that’s what we do!

Brandi DeLancey lives in North Carolina, where she is taking over the Internets one website at a time.

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