From the Vault – Remembering the Lost finale

One year ago today, Lost aired its final episode, a controversial farewell that left some fans satisfied and other scratching their heads and yelling at their TVs. Whether you loved it or hated it, chances are you remember the finale.

So for those of you who devoted a huge chunk of your life to watching and analyzing every single episode from every season of the show, today we offer you a chance to revisit HoboTrashcan’s comprehensive coverage of the finale.

  • First we offer you Chris Kirkman’s in-depth Down the Hatch review of the final episode. Benjamin Linus himself, Michael Emerson, once called Kirkman’s recaps “one of the smartest articles I’ve ever read about what goes on on our show.” So if you want the final word on the final episode, make sure to reread Kirkman’s review of “The End.”
  • And finally, make sure to listen to our Hobo Radio podcast “Saying goodbye to Lost,” featuring special guest Chris Kirkman, who offered his final final thoughts on the show.

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