Hobo Radio 191 – Hitler Gave Nazi Soldiers Blow Up Sex Dolls To Combat Syphilis: Book

  • Introduction
  • Nazi blow up dolls
  • James Franco’s Museum of Non-Visible Art
  • That darn cat
  • Captain America/origin stories
  • Comic-con
  • People you should know … Leslie Bibb
  • “Cave Girls” by The Rubinoos

Sometimes a story is so entertaining it just simply has to be read aloud. Joel Murphy came across one such story on the Huffington Post this week. The headline was as follows: “Hitler Gave Nazi Soldiers Blow Up Sex Dolls To Combat Syphilis: Book.”

After discussing Nazi blowup dolls, they dynamic duo turn to a story sent in by a reader: actor James Franco has created a “Museum of Non-Visible Art” and one of his artists recently sold a piece. The piece didn’t actually exist, it was just an idea. Joel and Lars can’t help but think this is the definition of an “Emperor’s New Clothes” situation.

Why does Hollywood insist on retelling comic book origin stories? What was the non-existent piece of art that sold and how much did it sell for? Why should you know Leslie Bibb? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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