From the Vault – Megan Hilty

Next Monday, many Americans will get their first glimpse of Broadway star Megan Hilty on NBC’s new show Smash. NBC has been heavily promoting the show (and will continue to do so throughout Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast), so this very well could be the moment Hilty blows up and becomes a huge TV star.

HoboTrashcan recognized Hilty’s talent back in 2008 as she was starring in the Broadway show Wicked and spotlighted her in one of our Getting to Know features. So if you want to impress your friends on Monday by giving them her complete life story when they inevitably ask “Who is that?” make sure to read the article now.

You can find it here:

(The photo of Megan Hilty and Al Roker was taken during the 79th Annual Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony. You can find our coverage of that event here.)

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