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Nicole Alexandria 

Nicole Alexandria

Whitney Houston’s death wasn’t a tradgedy. It was a life style choice.

If you would have mentioned Whitney Houston’s name to me a few weeks ago, we would have shared a few laughs. Her immoraltalized words “Crack is whack!” might be as infamous as any song she sang in her career. Had she copywrote the phrase, she might have even been financially successfully for her first writing credit and had the likes of Charlie Sheen and young Robert Downey, Jr. competing for a mentorship.

Society decided somewhere along the lines that people with talent are better then us. Celebrity means that you must remain infallible above us without weakness or mistake while maintaining that err of being better then us. If you falter once, we want to know. We want to buy your People magazine expose and read Perez Hilton’s scathing comments. Simultaneously, we give you millions of dollar, a jet set lifestyle and little responsibility on a day to day basis.

You can’t be an adult in this day in age and not understand that drugs are bad for you. Drugs and alcohol is an effective coping mechanism to quickly and temporarily solve whatever problem you have, but it is essentially a choice that you make to play roulette with your life. Any grown adult who smokes crack or drinks until they can’t feel anymore repeatedly is doing so because they don’t care if they live through it. The release becomes more important then surviving and if you tell any addict they are going to die you’re wasting your time. They knew before they even started.

The problem essentially lies in that it could take twenty years which is what happened with Whitney. When dealing with long term addicts, you’re going to have to learn to get used to being lied to. An addict might not love him or herself, but they might actually genuinely love
others. Once an addict thinks he or she can lie to you effectively, protecting your image of them while still killing themselves slowly, you’re screwed.

Whitney very genuinely loved her fans, but she lied to us often. In her deluded sheltered world in which she surrounded herself with people who idoloized her, she really believed that she was deceiving all of us. She thought she could be loud and aggressive in television
interviews and bully us into believing the lie that everything was fine.

It wasn’t. We weren’t surprised.

If we want to stop the cycle of substance abuse as a society we’re going to have to stop idolizing false perfection. Everyone has problems. Underlying trauma and hurt isn’t a sign of weakness. Its a sign everyone hasn’t had the easiest life some more then others. When
someone needs help, it shouldnt be used as a catalyst to sell magazines. We should support and not humiliate. We shouldn’t hold those who can sing or act well to unrealistic life standards of purity.

Or we can just keep having month long touching tributes to stars who up until now we were mocking.

Crack is whack, right?

Nicole Alexandria is off doing cool things like a boss that you probably never heard of while not giving a single fuck all day every day. You can contact her through Facebook.

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