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Here’s what’s new on HoboTrashcan.com this week:

Review – American Reunion
The American Pie franchise comes full circle as Jim once again is on a quest to get laid. But this time around he’s a married man who just can’t find any quality alone time with his wife. He reunites with the old gang for his high school reunion. Find out if, like your actual high school reunion, you should avoid this movie at all costs or if it’s actually worth your time.

Justified – “Coalition”: Ain’t no party like a Robert Quarles party
Master strategist Boyd Crowder makes a horrible error in judgement when he entrusts his prisoner Robert Quarles to two of the girls at Audrey’s. Quarles quickly gets the upper hand and escapes, wreaking havoc as he heads out of dodge. We have a complete breakdown and analysis of all of this week’s action in a new Boob Tube Breakdown.

Positive Cynicism – Life’s not a movie; live it any damn way you want
Aaron R. Davis gives a little fatherly advice in this week’s column. A young friend of his currently in her freshmen year in college is having some struggles, so Davis takes the opportunity to impart some wisdom on her and her fellow college students.

Hobo Radio 218 – Grumpy old men
The boys return from their hiatus with an all-new show. And there’s been a big change since they last were on the air – Lars is now 30.

While this hasn’t led to a midlife crisis or the buying of any sports cars, it has made Lars less patient with the world around him. Both he and Joel Murphy have officially become grumpy old men yelling at any young whippersnappers who wander into their lawns looking to receive any lost Frisbees.

What’s it like being 30? How can you make cereal for 30-year-olds less depressing? What band does Joel prefer to The Beatles? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

From the Vault – Murphy’s Law – Is Richard Branson secretly a Bond villain?
This week we rerun a Murphy’s Law column from April 2011 which poses the question: Is Richard Branson a Bond villain? The question isn’t as crazy as it sounds. The man has his own spaceship, submarine and private island and he has enough money and resources to bring 007 to his knees.

– Hobo Stu

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